The Flatterhaft Championships 24-25-26 Juli 2009!

For 10 years now I have been arranging an annual meeting for our puppies (of various ages) and their families. Dogs from most of our litters throughout the years gather here at Flatterhaft for a nice get-together, fun and games … and serious competition!

Each year there are more and more participants. 2005 there were 83 dogs and 2006 it was 87, and we already have 100 signed up for 2007 and 2008 it was 103. How about you 2009??

Friday 24/7. For those of you who have a long way to travel, or simply wish to arrive already on Friday, you are very welcome. Mikael and I may not be very sociable at the time, since we are in the final spurt of planning for this kennelweekend, but there will certainly be a few nice people around. Just like the previous years you can bring your caravan or mobile home, and park it at Lindedalen (we will show you where). Cost: 50 SEK a day, including electricity. Don’t forget to bring your own cables.

Saturday 25/7 we all gather for a joint breakfast and run-through of the weekend’s programme. After that: time for the hunting activities! The “veterans” among you know what to await, but for the newcomers (dogs as well as people) you are welcome to a day of try-it-out. We can promise you that everybody will succeed in one way or another. If you should feel a bit shy or uncertain about retrieving with your dog, come and look and cheer at the others – you learn a lot by looking. Or why not visit Anna Lyckner’s “debutant-station”, where Anna will show and explain everything you need to know for a successful start in the art of retrieving.

There will be seven judges and workingstations, 3 search-stations, 2 marking and 2 directing station. Anneli Karlsson, the trial-leader (besides breeder), is unbribable. And the judges are;
Kent Agent Wiberg
Kent Advent Landgren
Hofors Anders Hudberg
Cairan Mar
tin Lövenfors
Ammi Nilsson
Berth Nilsson
Monica Boström

The finals will take place sometime after lunch, when the qualification sets are done. The 6 equipages with the highest score point go on to the finals. Barbeque, distribution of prizes and challenge trophies will take place at about 19 o’clock. Agitation campaigns and betting as usual – and WHO will win the special award “Worthy Achievement 2007”?

BYO = Bring Your Own beverage and food for barbeque, tent or likewise, and we will fix with breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday 26/7 – showtime! If you are a novice, either try showing your dog, or “lease” it to a handler that can help you show it in the best possible way. Classes are the same as at official shows (junior, youngster, working class, open class, champion class, veteran class, best dog/bitch). This show will select “the most beautiful Flatterhaft Flatcoat” and be a part of our “Dual Purpose Challenge Trophy” (the score from Saturday’s qualification working trial + the score from Sunday’s show). Our judge is so far not decided.

As usual, or veterinarian Kristina Berkehag, will be there. You can ask her for advice about things you are thinking about, or worrying about. If there is any inoculation you need, take the opportunity now – you’ll never get it cheaper. If you wish to have your dog inoculated this weekend, don’t forget to bring your “inoculation card” and please let us know ahead of time, and you will also find out the cost.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~

Challenge Trophies on Saturday:

The Flatterhaft Champions Trophy – the kennel’s CT to the working champion

Crabbe’s Challenge Trophy – Anna Lyckner’s CT to the best Searchdog

Trassel’s Challenge Trophy – Maria Lövenfors CT to the best marker

Nollans CT – Monica Boströms CT to the best retriever in water

Nice & Easy – the kennels CT to the best “driver” (i.e. dog-driver)

Hobbe’s CT – Dahlströms CT to the best not-trial-merited dog

Wilma’s CT – Wolfs CT to youngster dog with large and spontaneous will to please

Eye catcher – previous year’s winner rewards with his/her own special honorary prize  

ST(i)NK  - Lyckner’s CT – Stop+Calling In – to the keenest signal obeyer

Vickie’s Multi CT – Nilssons CT to the Flatterhaft dog who has competed in at least 3 disciplines with the highest score

Worthy Achievement” – the kennel’s special prize for “best achievement of the year”, and we try to summarize this as fair as possible.  

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~

Sunday’s Challenge Trophies

Dual Purpose CT – the kennel’s CT to the dog with the weekend’s highest score

Ellen’s CT – to the show’s BOS (Best of Opposite Sex)

“Drop Dead Gorgeous” – the kennel’s CT to the BIS, Best In Show dog

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~ ~  ~  ~