(SUCh Lucifer of Bramatha - Crown Foresters Jewel-In-Crown)
1990.05.18 - 1996.



1 st prize  with honours, best in test Beginners class.  

 1:a  best  flat, 2:a, 3:a, 1:a  Open class 

2x3 Elitclass

12x1 st prize,  in 12 entries .  with honours  and challenge trophies.

3 CC, several BOB, CACIB.

Challenge trophies 
Väst Bäst Flat -92, -94, -95. Bonnie´s VP -92. 

 Boltiltorps VP -96


“Victor” was our first Flatcoat. We bought him from Yvonne Klang in Stockholm, Kennel Va’Vått (“Wow It’s Wet”!). He proved to be a real hit. His great delight in working quickly brought him to the Elite class in Working tests, once we made contact with Birgitta Ilestrand, Kennel Meadowlark, our mentor.

Victor had a couple of starts in Elite class, however not reaching all the way to a 1st prize. Luckily he produced a few very good litters, that have shown considerable results. About 30 1st prizes in official classes, and at least 6 of them are now in Elite class.

Sadly enough Victor left us much too early, but we did get 6 years with him, 6 intense years with much sweat and tears and many laughs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(Bramatha Ticket  - Stonemade Grebe)
1986.06.13 - 1996.


1 st prize   beginners class 
2 nd prize   open class 

1 st prize open class 

4  CCs ,  several BOB, BIS, BIS- placings 

Boltiltorps VP



“Lucas” originally came from England, imported by Ragnhild Ulin, kennel Almanza from Sarah Whitaker, kennel Bramatha . He stayed a while with Yvonne Klang, kennel Va’Vått, before coming to live with us. We had a lot of fun with Lucas in the show rings – and he loved it. He won a couple of BIS and BIS-placings as a  veteran, and BIS-2 as a Champion. Working tests was not his cup of tea, but in practical hunting he was an esteemed retriever. Lucas also had some successful litters. A few of his offspring are Show Champions, some are competing in Open class and Elite class in working tests.  


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

SVCh NordUCh
(SUCh NUCh Paco Rabanne  - Minnie's Eastern Bell)
1992.03.13 - 2006.07.29



1 st prize Youngsterclass

 2x1 st prize Openclass (in two entries)

2  Elit class 

5x1 st prize Oen class, Champion 

BIS, BIG-2, -3, 2xCACIB, 5 CC

Väst Bäst Flat -96, Boltiltorps VP -98 mfl.



“Musslan”, our first bitch. We bought her from Eva Nilsson-Saar, kennel Raas-Line’s. On Mikael’s part this was really a hit workingtest-wise. At about the same time we met the above mentioned Birgitta, who helped Mikael get both Victor and Musslan quickly into Elite class. But then we bought a house, and he had to give precedence to hammering rather than the “dogging”. A pity! Musslan has had good litters. The one dearest to my heart is the “home-made” one which Victor sired. They love to work! I also must hold forth Musslan’s last litter, with SUCh DKUCh Workable’s Janssons Frestelse, a small litter but great for us – very clever kids!  

My lovely Mussaln went to heaven with an age of 14½ years.
Thanks for all...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(CANUCh WC CD O'Flanagan What's Cooking?  - NordUCh SVCh Raas-Line's Northern Bell)
1994.04.09 - 2004.05.03


1 st prize Beginners class 
 2x 2nd prize Open class 

23x1 st priza open class, 16 Hp

4 CC,  several BOS , BIS-breeding-group

Challenge trophies: 
Väst-Bäst-Flat A 1998, Västras spår VP 1998, 2000 & 2001 Distriktmästare i Västras spår DM-2000, I Buff's spår VP-2000



" Råttan" - the first bitch out of our own breeding. And this is how we were used to seeing her - in the middle of the iitchen table.

In the field she was very docile, spontaneous and quiet ... but she soon saw through the trick with cold game, that it is only make-believe, just like dummies, so she put all her effort in to practical hunting and tracking. Tracking was her absolutely greatest passion.

She was never much of a show dog, but she got her CCs, most of them by breed- or retrieverjudges.

"Råttan"  was a fantastic breeding-bitch. She was always a great mother and loved and cared for her little ones. She imprinted in them her enormous will to please, which now reveals itself in her 3rd generation puppies. For her mates we have chosen dogs with quite a bit of "go".

With her brown charm she filled an enormous space at home here in Flathult, with children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, and so it will continue, I am sure. Thank you Lena Hägglund, Kennel O'Flanagan for helping "make" Råttan for us! She was invaluable to us at home and in our breeding

At the age of ten my brown queen peacefully went to sleep in my arms. Oh, it hurts.



~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(SUCh Va' Vått Vincent Vattenfall - SVCh NordUCh Raas-Line's Northern Bell)
1995.10.18 - 2001.11.26



2x1 st prize Youngsterclass, best dog of the day 
 2x 1st prize Open class

 2x1 st prize Elit class, best-in-test. Passed practical hunting-test.

13x1 st prize , 7x  with honours

 Several CK , R-CACIB

Challenge trophies 
Väst Bäst Flat 1998, 2000 & 2001
I Buf f s spår VP 2000
Västras spår VP 1998



Crabbe turned out to be a "workoholic", from her first to her last breath. She was the spitting image of her parents, she would not miss an ounce of the good things in life.

Crabbe became very special to Anna, being her first own really clever  work-dog. With 2 first prizes from youngsterclass she passed   quickly through openclass. Two 1st prizes in Elite class plus the practical hunting test - and with merely one first prize to go before becoming a Champion, her working test carrier ended.


As a breeding bitch she has produced puppies of very high quality, unfortunately only two litters. 

The first one "Sue Grafton book-titles" or the "letter-litter" and the second one "Forest Animlas" have been succesful and there is surely more to come.

Crabbe will always have a special corner in our hearts.